To succeed in the next decade, global companies must become able to prioritize purpose and adopt practices that substantially mitigate the social, environmental, and economic risks and impacts in their value chains.


Why Join the Coalition

Why Join the Buy For-Benefit Coalition 


By joining the Buy For-Benefit Coalition, organizations can take a large step toward operationalizing purpose, cleaning up harmful supply chain practices, advancing the 2030 Agenda, and creating benefit for all stakeholders, while providing satisfying long-term profits and viability to shareholders. To help ensure success, Coalition members have access to a collaborative, cross-sector platform for sharing knowledge and best practices, a global community of practice to co-create solutions, access to tools and resources, and a testing ground to pilot efforts and join forces with leading organizations and stakeholders to drive results. Through their participation in the Buy For-Benefit Coalition, members will be empowered to deliver significant impacts on multiple levels:


Organizational Impacts:

  • Deliver tangible impact on organizational sustainability agendas by promoting diversity and resilience in global value chains, while reducing risk posed by supplier malpractice

  • Increase corporate reputation, profits, and employee welfare by meeting stakeholders’ expectations on sustainability and building trust and loyalty with customers, investors, employees, and society at large

  • Gain access to new markets while helping to build the supportive ecosystem and meeting new policy and regulatory requirements


Global Impacts:

  • Contribute to the wellbeing of society while advancing stable economies and healthy communities

  • Tackle environmental challenges, such as carbon emissions and deforestation, and reduce overconsumption of finite natural resources

  • Address social inequities, such as forced labor and pay inequality, and create new employment opportunities for people of diverse origins and backgrounds

Systemic Impacts:

  • Accelerate the development of the enabling environment for purpose-driven, for-benefit business models through access to capital, policy reforms, capacity building, and more

  • Create sustainable economic development opportunities for businesses, policymakers, investors, technical service providers, and other key players in the ecosystem

  • Drive solutions and systemic progress on the SDGs and achieve the promise of stakeholder capitalism

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“A surge of “for-benefit” companies at the intersection of the traditional private, public and non-profit sectors will be critical in delivering on the SDGs by 2030.”

- World Economic Forum