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The British Academy, London Wednesday, March 25th, 2020


After the successful launch of the Buy For-Benefit (B4B) Coalition in Davos last month, the Fourth Sector Group and SYSTEMIQ are delighted to invite you to our kickoff strategy workshop.

Putting Purpose in Cocoa Value Chains

Leveraging For-Benefit Procurement: Ideas to Action

Wednesday, 25th March, 2020  |  13.00 - 16.00

The British Academy  |  London, UK

About the Workshop

Leveraging corporate and public procurement to create demand for "for-benefit" businesses — companies that prioritize people and the planet alongside profits – presents a huge opportunity to transform global value chains, advance an economy that benefits all stakeholders, and deliver on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The B4B Coalition is a systemic intervention led by a group of pioneering corporations, networks, NGOs, governments, and institutions to empower organisations with the tools, resources, and testing ground to support and scale the transition to purpose-driven value chains, and unlock trillions in for-benefit procurement preference. This commitment to a for-benefit procurement is a tangible and catalytic way for organizations to demonstrate their commitment to purpose, benefit all their stakeholders, and become stewards of real sustainable development.
The complex and systemic issues surrounding the cocoa industry in particular and the highly uneven value distribution along the chocolate supply chain are a unique opportunity to operationalize the B4B vision.  The Fourth Sector Group and SYSTEMIQ – alongside The British Academy, CARE, the African Development Bank and other partners, with support from the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID) – have already began exploring the implications of for-benefit procurement for the cocoa value chain in West Africa. Implemented at scale, this practice is expected to keep more money at the farm gate, alleviate poverty and human rights abuses, and ensure sustainable farming practices that will halt deforestation before it is too late.
This workshop will bring together sustainability and procurement executives and supply chain experts from leading companies alongside B4B Coalition members and knowledge partners, civil society and government leaders to:

  • Hear from key stakeholders, including Coalition leaders, corporates and for-benefit enterprises, on what the B4B Coalition is, why it matters, and how it can help your organisation meaningfully contribute to delivering on your sustainability goals and the SDGs;

  • Go from idea to action: deep dive into the opportunities and barriers of for-benefit procurement in cocoa value chains in Western Africa and other regions, drawing on examples of work happening on the ground, and develop an action agenda for 2020 and beyond; 

  • Discover what tools and resources are available to support implementation, and learn how the B4B Coalition can support you.

We hope you can join us for what promises to be an ​inspiring and transformational gathering!

Immediately after the workshop, participants are also invited to attend the launch of The British Academy Future of the Corporation's report, "For-Benefit Business and the Future of the Corporation." The event includes a panel discussion with distinguished experts on the theory and practice of for-benefit business, followed by a reception.


Launch Event and Reception:

 "For-Benefit Business and the Future of the Corporation"
March 25th, 2020, 17.00 to 19.30  |  The British Academy, London

This event marks the launch of a new working paper from the Future of the Corporation programme, which examines how the Principles for Purposeful Business can apply to the practice of for-benefit business.

The paper uses the Future of the Corporation research as a framework to consider the idea of an emerging fourth sector of the economy that combines features of the for-profit, non-profit and public sectors under the rubric of ‘for-benefit’ business. These terms capture familiar models like social enterprise, public benefit corporations, co-operatives, community interest companies, and a range of other forms. The fourth sector is an under-researched domain and our paper focuses on highlighting areas for further research, while offering readers practical recommendations and the chance to engage with the concept and consider how it might develop. 


We would love you to join us on 25 March at the British Academy to discuss the paper, which will be made available on the same day. The discussion will be led by Professor Colin Mayer, Academic Lead for the Future of the Corporation programme, and Heerad Sabeti, Chief Executive of the Fourth Sector Group.


The event will provide a forum for discussing the application of the Principles for Purposeful Business to the development of a fourth sector of for-benefit business. The outcome of this discussion will provide a valuable foundation for further research into the concept of the fourth sector and the application of the Principles.



Due to COVID-19, this was a virtual strategy session held on Monday, March 30th.

Should you have any questions please contact Ana Carolina Diaz at a.diaz@fourthsector.org.